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Partnering with Organizations and Parents to Fuel Engagement and Achievement

Streamlined Work Flow


Effective Communication


Tools for Your Whole Department


Growth of Your Athletic Brand


Our solution was created for YOU, the Athletic Director…but through you,

it benefits your entire school community.

Solution-Enabling Software, Not Software as the Solution8to18 software and

programs empower athletic directors to streamline the mundane and deliver on the

larger tasks at hand. Our solution helps you run the department effectively, boost

the department brand, raise funds, and ultimately enrich student experiences.

Lead Your Department, Grow Your Brand

The Foundation: Easy Scheduling, Impressive Websites, Powerful Registration

Built by ADs, the scheduling software and your sleek athletic website work

seamlessly together and across your department. Easy content management tools

allow coaches, administrators, and you to publish immediate and engaging content

for your eager community to view. Registration syncs with your website, saves

thousands of hours of time (for you and your parents!) and makes communication

easy, immediate, and targeted.

Less Wasted Time, More Resources + Funds

All-In-One Extra-Curricular Portal – Athletic Directors need a comprehensive

one-stop shop to aid them in their day-to-day responsibilities as well as help them

achieve longer-term goals. 8to18 provides one resource-rich solution with all the

pieces working together for you - with you in the driver’s seat.


Best Online Sports Registration on the Market – Our seasonal sport registration is a win for every member of the community: Athletic Office, Coaches, Parents,

Students, and Fans.  Streamlined communication methods, NO MORE PAPER,

customized payment plans, roster management tools for ADs and coaches, easy

registration accounts for parents, physical date auto-reminders. The amount of time

and energy this tool saves everyone involved still astounds our customers.


*Integrated Partner Programs to Boost Brand + Fundraise – 8to18 does not

presume to have all the tools and programs you need to do your job great and raise

funds at the same time. However, we do pride ourselves in connecting you and your

software to proven, valuable partner programs. We link our software and services to

these handpicked programs to maximize your return – Easy, Modern Fundraising.

One Stop Shop: The Power of Integrated Tools

Like Your Teams, Management Tools Are Most Effective Working As One

Of the many responsibilities Athletic Director’s have, many facets of the job relate in

some way or another. Using multiple tools and solutions for critical tasks and

initiatives wastes precious time and energy. Our solutions work together effectively

for YOU and for your community.


8to18 Online Registration Enhances Other Powerful Programs – With the

combination of 8to18 Online Registration, 8to18 Partner Programs, and 8to18

Marketing Support, everybody wins. The Athletic Office not only gains

comprehensive and customizable seasonal sport registration capabilities. Choosing

to spend minimal time (minutes!) employing 8to18 partner programs immediately

begins garnering funds for the department. 8to18 Marketing Support does most of

the promotional work for these programs through your 8to18 software tools and

use of our creative department, so our Athletic Directors can focus on other

important endeavors.


Registration Software + Integrated Athletic Websites + Powerful Partner Programs......Easy $ and an Engaged Community


"We initially went to using 8to18 because our website was out of date and difficult to navigate.  We have been extremely please with the website ease of use!  The next step we decided to take was to eliminate paperwork and forms for our parents and student-athletes.  Needless to say this is a FREE way to eliminate forms that all involved LOVE!  This includes our coaches, parents, athletic trainers, and those of us in the Athletic Office.  The next aspect of 8to18 that we got involved in was using it to sell our Booster Club passes for athletic events.  This was a seamless process that helped our booster club increase sales by 20% over the previous year.  We look to increase the number of passes again next year again.  Thank you 8 to 18 for helping our Athletic Department and Booster Club become more efficient!"


- Molly Feesler, CAA, Athletic Director, Pickerington High School North

Pickerington, Ohio


Fundraising & Branding Solutions Through 8to18 Integrated Partner Programs -


The Quickview:


Benefit Mobile Fundraising App + 8to18 Online Registration: Innovative, free digital gift card fundraising app. Raised over $5k for our schools since launch in July


   AD Cost: $0

  Potential Dollars per month (with 20-30% parent engagement): $100-500

 AD Time Spent: 10 min


Local Value Card Online Fundraising Program +8to18 OLR: Discount card sales program with local merchant deals. Top profit share (starts around 75% to school!), easy online sales and social media marketing channels for student athletes, 8to18 ships, posts ads on athletics site, and emails school.


  AD/Coach Cost: $0

Potential Dollars Raised per Program: $3k-15k

            AD/Coach Time Spent on Setup: 15 min



Customcat Apparel Fundraiser + 8to18 OLR: High margin basic apparel fundraising online store. Tees start at $9.35 online, you mark up and keep the difference.

    AD/Coach Cost: $0

  Potential Dollars Raised per Program: $100-1,000

             AD/Coach Time Spent on Setup: 15 min



(Ohio based) Ares Team Stores + 8to18 OLR: High-tech, easy team store technology, coaches and ADs set up school/team fundraising apparel stores themselves (no sales rep!) in minutes. 8to18 promotes stores directly to rosters.


    Cost: $0

                       Potential Dollars Raised per Store: $300-$1,000

        AD/Coach Time Spent: 15 min


Local Business Sponsorship/Advertising on Your Website – Give your local businesses priority space on your athletic site while raising funds for your department. 8to18 gives a large share back on all advertising on your site. Your guidance by providing names of businesses to call boosts advertising dollars enormously.

Cost: $0

   Potential Advertising Dollars Raised (Yearly): $1,000-$5,000

 AD Time Spent Providing Local Business Contact Info: 15-20 min






Some of our trusted partners:

Benefit Mobile


Ares Team Stores

Pear Gifts

Local Value Card Online


8to18 Booster Solutions

8to18 Advertising


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