8to18 School Sponsorship/Advertising Sales Tools

Welcome to the 8to18 advertising sales page for athletic departments and boosters!

This page walks you through selling advertising space on your schools’ 8to18 athletic or activity site. It benefits all parties involved – the school, your group, and local businesses - so we’re glad you’ve chosen to take advantage of this opportunity!

For additional assistance or questions, please contact Gary Graefen: Gary.Graefen@8to18.com

Start Here!

The best prospects are existing school sponsors or advertisers. Offering them “first crack” at prime advertising space on your school’s home athletics or activity site lets them know you are considering them first, and they’re likely to take advantage.


Tip: If you have an existing arrangement with them, you can offer the ad space as an “upgrade” and package the sale in with the sponsorship.



Best businesses to call on next:



Trade Schools



Sports-Related Businesses




Insurance Companies





Auto Dealers


Health Care






General Advertising Sales Information and Guidelines


There are FIVE ADVERTISING SLOTS on each athletic or activity home page.

We have 2 RATE TIERS based on the size and site traffic of the school. Here are the prices for each spot on your school site. If you don’t know what tier your school falls under, please ask Gary: Gary.Graefen@8to18.com


Tier 1

Top - 728x90 - $300/month

Middle 728x90 - $200/month

Bottom 728x90 - $100/month

Top 300x250 - $200/month

Bottom 300x250 - $150/month

Tier 2

Top - 728x90 - $210/month

Middle 728x90 - $140/month

Bottom 728x90 - $70/month

Top 300x250 - $140/month

Bottom 300x250 - $105/month

1) ADVERTISING SLOTS - Download This Flyer OR Request a Custom Flyer

Use the flyer to reference or send to prospective customers.

This flyer also includes the size of the ads. There are 5 SLOTS that you can sell ads on.

Each slot can have 4 ADVERTISERS THAT ROTATE. This means that 4 separate companies can advertise on the top banner and every 4th refresh they will be seen. This is indicated as 25% share of voice.



Each agreement you secure with a client should be for 12 months. We will look at 6 months but we should review before.



You should secure the artwork from your customer or we can create it and bill the client $40.

2 different ad sizes: 728X90 or 300X250

Accepted formats: JPEG, GIF, PNG



Once you get an agreement from the client, get their billing information and their method of payment. We can send them an e-invoice and they can pay online.


5) SAMPLE CLIENT AGREEMENT (what we would need from you):

School: Naperville Central

Rate: $300/month or $3,600

Term: 12 month agreement

Contact: Peter Smity



417 W Maine Ste 1000

Wheaton, IL 60187

URL https:representatives.countryfday



Send all of the above information and we will reach out to the client and walk them through the remainder of the process.


8to18 Media | Oakbrook Terrace, Illinois 60181